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If you are ordering a complete transmission or builders kit please be advised that your order may take 1-2 weeks to ship. Each transmission is custom built to meet your exact specifications.

DD7 Direct Drive 7spd

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7-Speed Direct Drive Builders Kit


2007-2009 Softail

2006-2009 DYNA

2007-2009 FLT-FLH

  • $2,995.00
  • Custom Configuration

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The all new BAKER DD7 is more than just another gear added to the mix for the sake of one-upmanship. That 7th gear enables the motorcycle to now make use, by way of gear ratio management, of the torque and power put out by the new 96 ci and 110 ci motors rolling off the assembly line in Milwaukee. We did not make this Transmission a deep overdrive; rather we shortened 1st gear and tightened up the gears to deliver the riding experience that you were after when you bought your bike. The gear ratios as listed out below leave you the rider, with the experience of smooth, crisp, continuously pulling acceleration from 1st all the way through 4th gear. Then you are able to start getting into the cruising portion of the program in gears 5th-7th. No big drops in RPM from one gear to the next or lugging the motorcycle off of a stop light, just smooth, uninhibited acceleration. We did not stop at just fixing the gear ratios. We improved the smoothness and crispness of the shifting by reducing the mainshaft mass by only having 1st gear be a part of the shaft, rather than 1st-4th gears like on the stock unit. Reduction in rotating mass for shift quality is a fact that has been utilized in the automotive world for years. We ditched the stock detent arm and spring assembly from the door in favor of a linear detent that decreased friction while increasing smoothness when coupled with the all new shift drum design. We have tightened up the dog teeth on the gears to prevent the loud clacking noise that accompanies every shift on the factory 6 speed. Through the use of a billet bearing door, 28% wider bearings in the door, steel bearing retainer plates and full width gears, the durability and strength of our unit is a drastic improvement. By utilizing fully ground, helical gears in 1st and 4th -7th we are able to deliver a much quieter riding experience. While 2nd and 3rd are diamond ground, spur gears to handle the peak torque that is reached in that range.